A good day

OK so I haven’t posted before now today because I haven’t wanted to jinx anything, but I have to say that despite being in loads of pain with my pelvic inflammatory disease I have been able to move around much easier today ☺

As of tomorrow I am going to start my FM World Inner Balance sachets and capsules again, and this time I am 100% sticking to it, even if it means plugging my nose and chuging it down lol, it isn’t a disgusting drink by any means it is just when the essential micronutriants which doesn’t dissolve kinda gets stuck in the back of the throat that my gagging reflex starts lol.

I have found it hard to continue my inner balance because of the lack of support that is surrounding me, but I am 100% determined to shift this water retention.

Daily blogging will help so as long as I have my blogs I’m happy.


Still feeling like crap 😟

OK so this Pelvic inflammatory disease is really starting to get on my nerves, I’m constantly in pain, can not do a lot with out feeling fatigued all the time, struggling not to nap during the day but still can not sleep at night 😟

I have my daughter laying next to me because she had a nightmare, Alyn is sleeping in the back bedroom because he is up in less than 4 hours for work, I’m starting to feel physically sick, am bloated to hell and feel blech.

I just want things to go back to how they used to be, where I wasn’t in constant pain, feeling tired all the time and just plain craving sleep 😟 I know Alyn is doing what he can to help me out but I feel like I’m kinda taking the piss if I don’t do a little bit of cleaning up and laundry before he comes home.

Tonight I had to order a Chinese takeaway because I was in way to much pain to stand there and Cook a meal for us all, I need a damn good chill out, sleep till I wake up no interruptions, and a good long soak in the bath again complete with bath bombs/salts.

On a slightly brighter note I have finally managed to top my mobile phone up ☺ so I can stop using the house phone now, I have also upgraded our broadband to fiber optic so here’s hoping there won’t be any more slowing us bloody down on the weekend’s when the step kids are up, next on my catch up bill agenda is getting sky TV put back on, this will please everyone.

So after pleasing everyone else bill wise I have ordered myself the mini FM World starter kit ☺ this I am most excited about receiving because I know that at a later date I am going to be able to afford to buy myself a larger starter kit as well xxx

FM are an amazing company to work for, I am in no way limited to how I run my business, so I am going to start doing some self development in the evenings when my daughter is sleeping.

I will gain a much more positive attitude and I am not going to be giving up on FM. So if anyone would like to do an honest impartial FM product review then I would be more than happy to send out samples atno cost to yourself, simply contact me to make arrangements xxx

Feeling like crap 😟😢

Ok so I have been diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disese 😢😟 though this is not a life threatening or contagiouse disese it is extreamly painful one.

I am blessed because my boyfriend has been amazing, stepping up to the plate and doing a heap loads of the house work and caring for our daughter, I have been doing what I can but being in so much pain means that it isnt as much as I would like it to be.

My parents have had our daughter since Saturday night and are bringing her home Monday, so we can just relax and chill out and I can recover.

No longer doing Oriflame

OK so I just wanted to let people know that I am no longer doing Oriflame, I wasn’t getting any interest at all, I have been in hospital and as a result of being inactive my account has been closed.

I am now doing FM which is similar but has loads more variety of products, we have cleaning products, perfume/aftershave, make up, tea/coffee.

We also do weight management products as well.

So frustrated with the lack of support!!!

Ok so I am trying to build a successful business and am sick and tired of the lack of support I get off so called friends!!! This is starting to get on my nerves and is seriously startinbg to affect my self confidence and this is something I swore would never happen again.

I have bent over backwards to try and help my friends, I have commented, liked and even shared their poists, allowed them to post on my wall, well guess what? NO BLOODY MORE!! Youniques may fall through but I will not allow Oriflame and FM World do the bloody same!! I have worked my arse off trying to build a good life for my daughter and all I grey is a bloody kick in the teeth!!!!

Well whatever happened happens I’m not going to sweat over it, if I can save my account with Younique then I will if I can’t then I can’t it is as simple as that.

So excited

Omg I really can not wait to receive my Oriflame order 🙂 I am genuinely like a kid in a toy store lol…and no I am not ashamed to admit it.

I love taking part in webinar they are so much fun and I always look forward to them….they are always fun and informative the recognition is amazing.

As soon as my order arrives I am going to be distributing catalogues put within my local area, and push for sales, the welcome programme as well :)☺.

I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about hitting targets to get sales, and as soon as my order arrives I am going to try and get some pamper parties booked it and get some sales ☺