Reactivated my Scentsy account

I cant remember the last time I was this happy 😊 I have finally been able to reinstate my scentsy account and though I think I have been a little over zealous in the reactivation because I am unsure on if I can make the 200prv requirement to keep it active, but I’m going to try

Fakeaway teriyaki pork stir fry

Omg I am so becoming a dab hand at cooking proper home cooked healthy meals ìf I do say so myself 😊 the other day I made myself and my kids teriyaki pork stir fry (still need to finish writing up the recipe to post but I promise I will post it asap.

Above is the finished product, I will admit I used a little to much ginger puree, but then I’m learning so I’m not to disappointed with the finished result 😊.

Stressed out, lack of sleep and ill kids

Ok so I have been really quiet recently, why? Because I have 2 kids that are ill I’m not sleeping very well at all, and I’m stressed out big time.

Having said that Slimming World once again has started to yo-yo up and down because I haven’t been able to fully commit to plan.

On a brighter note my boyfriend has agreed to follow the slimming world plan with me as emotional support, he has also agreed to start helping me to prepare the meals when he isn’t working 😊

I am really hoping that by helping me with this, and actually helping me prep the meals it will help us become a healthier family all around.

Back on track

Yay that’s me back on track with my weight loss journey 😊 feeling amazing I had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast yesterday, egg noodles for lunch and a super yummy chicken pasta salad for dinner.

Today I am going to be making a yummy slimming world fakeaway pizza, with home made pizza sauce, am really looking forward to making it will also be making home made potato wedges 😊

Slimming World week 1

OK so week one of Slimming World has been a turbulent one… I started off really good but then I had a blip both Friday and Saturday night.

Having had a dominos pizza on Friday and a Chinese on Saturday I’m very happy to have gained only 3lbs 😊 looking back it could have easily have been so much more.

However I am back on it today, had boiled egg sandwiches for lunch and yummy lettuce wraps for dinner, I’m going to try making a butternut squash and chickpea curry when I can get large Deli pots so I am going to be able freeze it.

Not such a good day today.

Day 3 of Slimming World has not gone very well at all, I have done plenty of body magic with housework and playing around with my son, but I haven’t eaten much at all today.. I just haven’t felt all that hungry tbh.

Im not going to beat myself up over it though back on it tomorrow, and meal planning will be so much more easier after payday.