Body magic done (Syns galore today though)

Omg I feel torn today, had an amazing body magic session (fitness) but ate way over my allocated syn allowance.. But it can’t be helped..back on it as much as I can tomorrow, but need to do another shop if I get any money.

Set up my online slimming world account.

Yay I have set up my online slimming world account… And from tomorrow onwards I am going to start working towards my bronze body magic award.

I am really excited because I have never really felt this motivated in such a long time, and I am finally doing this for myself, and for the first time in a long while I truly feel supported and encouraged that I’m not in this on my own.

Steph the group leader even presented the new membership talk totally different, and this really made me feel so good and supported I can’t explain how good that made me feel.

Im looking forward to posting yummy recipes complete with pictures on here, and hopefully help inspire others to join me.

Things are looking up at last

OMG I am so beeping excited peeps, at long last things are starting to look up for myself and my family, I have rediscovered my passionĀ for Acti-labs so I am going to be continuing with that, and also I am going to be sending off for my provisional driving licence today so I have finally 1 got some photo ID and 2 I can start learning to drive.

I will also start blogging more regular than I have been because life has been tough for me emotionally with 2 young kids etc, I will be posting make up pics, some yummy healthy recipes, slow cooker meals and anything else that make me happy and feels like a personal achievement for myself.

No more holding myself back from achieving my dreams and changing my life, I can and I will make it happen and I will be taking my kids on holiday next year and regularly once I pass my driving test.

I will also be starting to learn Welsh online, as once my son is in School I am hoping to start working and help bring some money into the household, don’t panic though I will be continuing with Acti as that is my passionĀ and I will not be giving it up anytime soon.

I am really looking forward to be rejoining Slimming World on Monday, because I am finally determined to shift this weight I have already started drinking more water which has helped loads, I haveĀ had a blip the last couple of days eating sweets and drinking fizzy drinks, but that’s ok I know I will have blips but I am no longer going to think of myself as a failure for having these blips and end up giving up on my weight loss journey, I really hope that the new Slimming World group leader will be less self centred and actually be willing to help and support me with my weight loss.

I will also be starting tot walk regularly with the kids starting on Monday as well, because what good is eating healthy if you don’t exercise along with it?

Life changing situation

Ok so a lot has happened since I posted my last blog, 1 I have changed Acti uplines, I wasn’t getting any support from my previous online and felt lost and abandoned, my new upline is amazing and so is the rest of my new team mates.

And change number 2 is that I have exposed my dad as a child molester!!!! This is by far the biggest change of all, why? Because it has alienated me from my family…I have not heard off my mother to ask how I am managing with everything…only a few comments on my boyfriend pictures of our kids…saying how much she misses the kids, again nothing about missing me.

The lack of consideration for me and my well being had hurt me a lot more than anything else, I try not crying at night but it is so hard…I’m finding it hard to adjust to the way things are now..I often find myself starting to text my mam only to remember that she won’t reply to me at all.