It’s officially 24 hours to go until my shred 😊

OMG guys I can NOT begin to express how excited I really am ☺ it is now just 24 hours before I start my 7 day Actilabs shred 😊 I’m so so ready for this, I have only been on the detox stage getting ready for the shred but I have lost weight already.

How can I be sure? Simply because clothes that used to be tight on me are now comfortable to wear again ☺ this really is the best feeling ever and I can’t wait for the final results at the end.

They are going to be amazing today I am going to sit and plan my meals as best that I can for the week, I will have my silhouette capsules on hand should I have a cheat meal but I am determined that that will not happen.

I know that I keep going on about this shred but guys it really is amazing just knowing that I can loose up to 7lbs in weight in just a week, and continue to loose there after is amazing, the products are 100% natural, safe to consume and our hydra slim boosts your metabolism, I take a 10ml shot every morning all g with our vitfit (vitamin supplement), I also sip hydra slim throughout the day in 500ml of water.

I can not wait to post my results in 14/1/19 😊 their going to be epic xxx


2 Days To Go

Omg peeps the time has gone by so fast!!! Only 2 days to go before my shred 😊😊😊 to say I am excited would truly be an understatement, I’m only on the detox stage and I have already lost weight.

I haven’t weighed or taken any measurements all of that will be done on Sunday, but when clothes that used to feel tight starts fitting you properly then that’s a very good happy feeling 😊

Am really happy to see what my full results will be at the end of the shred 😊 I am going to feel amazing, I’m going to reward myself by buying myself a new Fitbit 😊

It’s going to be a Fitbit charge 3 because it is waterproof and I am planning on going swimming at least twice a week, I am determined to loose this weight.

I am really looking forward to sharing my daily progress with you all and my final results 😊 I’m also going to start posting healthy recipes as well.

Joined young living essential oils

Ok so tonight I joined Young Living essential oils business 😊 I have been looking for an affordable essential oils business for a while, I did consider DoTerra but tbh they are just way to expensive for me to justify me joining them, especially as you require a starter kit and their cheapest is £200+.

With young living I don’t require a starter kit, but I’m going to purchase the basic kit which is £30 I am also going to purchase a usb difusser, and a bottle of lavender oil, all of this will help me relax, I will in time buy myself a diffuser for the oils but not starting out.

I am still doing Acti as well, but I am bipolar and have anxiety and depression, so combining both young living and Acti will be the perfect full body wellness combination, I’m super crazy excited to officially get started xxx

6 Days To Go 😀😀😀😀

OMG I can not believe at how quick the last couple of weeks has gone 😮😮😮 only 6 Days to go before I start my shred, I am officially on my detox.

This bottle contains 10ml of hydra slim mixed with 200ml of water, I have been sipping this all day and now I am about to take a 10ml shot followed by a 10ml shot of our amazing vitfit, keep your eyes peeled for a detailed blog on both of these items and our a amazing strip tea 😊.

7 Day Acti Shred 😊

Omg I’m super super crazy excited 😊 on the 7/1/19 I will be participating in an Actilabs 7 day shred and detox 😊 I’m amazed at how affordable all of the products below are 😊 even got some chocolate lava cakes for when I crave a nice sweet treat, Acti make it so easy to loose weight I truly can NOT wait to get started and documenting my weight loss journey with you all 😊.

A fresh start, positive vibes and Actilabs

Ok so after much deliberation I have decided to have a complete fresh start in blogging, I have had MORE than enough negativity for 2018, but I am ending the year on positive vibes and happy thoughts 😊.

So I have joined Actilabs business and I am so much happier that I have done so,absolutely no pressure to get sales, training is amazing, the products are fantastic and I have finally found products I am truly 100% passionate about and absolutely love using.

I cannot wait to rock this business fully in 2019 it’s going to be amazing and I hope you enjoy watching my journey and who knows maybe I just may inspire someone enough to start believing in themselves xx.